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Guaranteed Lowest Cost Documentation Services in HK!

Have you found a domestic helper in Hong Kong and don't know what to do next or don't have the time to handle the paperwork yourself? A helper around the house is invaluable to making the most out of your own time. Save as much time as possible by hiring a helper through an agency.

Let AsiaXPAT - Find a Foreign Employer Agency's (licensed by Limited) team of experienced professionals handle everything else!  We specialize in providing expert, thorough and timely documentation services for obtaining a visa for Foreign Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong.

We’re here to take care of each individual step along the way, to make sure you have the best quality help, for the least amount of effort. All of our help has each individual document necessary to be of use to you, exactly on time. Obtaining a Visa in a different country is no easy task, and requires a lot of legal navigation. That’s why we offer to handle it all on our own. Don’t worry, finding a domestic helper in Hong Kong is not as difficult as it might seem, with appropriate guidance.

Getting a helper in Hong Kong is vital in keeping up with the demands of the high-intensity lifestyle overseas. Make sure you hire one ethically and legally, by recruiting at a respectable agency and, more importantly. Document the entire breadth of your worker’s career and feel safe in your perfectly kept home. Hire an immigration domestic helper in Hong Kong or a local, in just a couple of clicks.

Whether you have found a helper in HK through our website or elsewhere, our team is ready to help! 

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