Allo Korea ~ Portable Air Purifier

Allo Korea ~ Portable Air Purifier
290.00 HKD
Hong Kong
Wan Chai
May 14, 2022
Not specified
• Model: AP500; Dark Grey color.
• Air cleaning/virus removal/fine dust removal/deodorization/rich anion/space interior/semi-permanent use/low noise/mood.
• allo air purifier A5 eliminates harmful substances as well as odor through plasma anion to provide clean air.
• Emits negative ions up to 300 times higher than the negative ions in the forest.
• Low Noise operation at less than 35dB; highly cost efficient permanently usable filter (no additional cost of filters needed).
• Comes with USB power cable.
• Size/weight: Ø65 x H150mm/260g.
• Unwanted gift.
• $290.

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