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Private Prep is a New York City based tutoring company that specializes in ACT / SAT Prep and Academic Couching for students that wish to attend an elite American university. The company has 11 years of experience and over 200,000+ hours of collective tutoring. It primarily operates in Manhattan, Los Angeles, Long Island, and Washington, DC. Private Prep is expanding into Hong Kong and space is limited. How Does the Tutoring Work? Once a student signs up with Private Prep, he or she is given a diagnostic ACT or SAT. Private Prep also works to identify which test is better for the student. The tutor will analyze the results of the diagnostic and build a plan specifically tailor to that student and his or her strength and weaknesses. The tutoring process begins by introducing proven strategies, and moves to working on fundamental skills, taking practice tests, and refining those skills. Students that have trouble with time are taught how to plan and efficiency work through the problems. Students that are weaker in Maths are taught strategies to work around problems and understand them quickly. Each student will receive 3 Private Prep study and practice books: ACT Prep: The Essentials, For the love of ACT Science, and For the Love of ACT Math. SAT versions are available as well. All Hong Kong sessions will be online using Zoom and one-on-one with an American tutor. Who are the Tutors? Private Prep identifies the best and brightest individuals who each bring a range of experience and the capacity to connect with students to be its tutors. Many of the tutors have Ivy League and other elite degrees and a majority have a Master’s Degree. Tutors are required to take the relevant standardized test for their area and must perform in the 99th percentile on their first attempt. Before tutors go into the field to work with students, they must complete a 2-step training process that includes learning Private Prep teaching material, methodology, and best practices for one-on-one instruction. For more information please contact Private Prep’s Asia representative, David Collins, at dcc3@smallworlddevelopment.com, or contact Private Prep directly and request a free consultation.