Tutorial Services

Tutors In Hong Kong If you’re looking for the very best education for your children to enhance academic progress, book a flexible and convenient private tutor in HK or other tutorial service from our directory to supplement schooling in many subjects.

Help your child excel and increase their confidence with a professional tutor in HK who can assist in high-standard teaching of subjects including maths, science, languages, various sports and musical instruments.

Some English private tutors in our Hong Kong directory also work as interpreters, providing the very best in translating and teaching. As well as HK English tutors, we have listings for other languages such as French and Mandarin.

Qualified and experienced musical tutors teach lessons in instruments like guitar and piano, as well as music theory, for different ages and skills levels from beginner to advanced. Meanwhile specialist science tutors teach standalone biology, chemistry and physics lessons at IB and IGCSE level.