Line 6 Spider Jam 75 Watt Reduced

Line 6 Spider Jam 75 Watt Reduced
800.00 HKD
New Territories
Clear Water Bay
Jan 16, 2022
Excellent condition Spider Jam 75

The amp has never been gigged and only used as a practice amp.

Built in looper and recording functions .
Can accept microphone and line input to enable playalong capability.
Over 400 built in effects such as chorus, delay, voicing of amps and cabinets, etc.
You can dub over recorded tracks. Included is an SD card for storage.

12" woofer and 3 " tweeter. This amp is capable of being very loud and has a good low end so it can be used with a bass as well. 

This unit is 110 volt so a  300 watt AC converter to 220 volt is included.

Price  $800.00 OBO

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