Body slimming treatment

Body slimming treatment
12,000.00 HKD
Hong Kong
Causeway Bay
Feb 19, 2021
[ Perfect Medical ] Causeway bay branch
"Exilis" body slimming treatment for sale !
$12,000 for 22 treatments, original cost $15,000 !
I transfer my membership in body treatment. I was receiving other body treatments here, and I was offered a promotion only for existing members, so I paid 20400 dollars for 30 treatments. Due to Corona, the center has not been open for a long time, so I used it 8 times, and there are 22 times left. The reason for the transfer is that I will leave Hong Kong. This membership has no expiration date. 
The center recently opened a branch in Times Square and is quite large. It is effective for fat fusion, stretched skin elasticity, and collagen regeneration.
You can get customized in a comfortable private room. 
they recommend at least five treatments per desired site.

Please refer to the link below.

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