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Yau Ma Tei
May 09, 2020
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CONTENTS: 1 x Story Book [English] + 1 x Activity Book [English]
Title: Surprising Mrs Rhubarbson (English)
Blurb: Roxy Rhubarbson is feeling sad for her mum. Mrs Rhubarbson takes care of the Old Tree Home animals all by herself. It's her birthday today. How can Roxy and her friends Marble Mangosteen and Shooz Starfruiter help plan a surprise for her mum? How can they show her she's special too?
This is the first book in the Marble Mangosteen's Good Deed Collection series.
The series aims to inspire and instil good values in each book. For this book, some of the themes and values are as follows: teamwork, not taking others for granted, spending time with the elderly, caring for Mum, friendship and sharing (among others).
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