Dji Ronin-s, Dual handles & Sony cable

Dji Ronin-s, Dual handles & Sony cable
2,300.00 HKD
Hong Kong
Chai Wan
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Nov 22, 2020
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Selling my Ronin-S with “Standart Kit” which includes extra accessories s.a. focus wheel compared to the cheaper “essentials kit”. Current sales price for the Standart Kit (Oct. 2020) at DJI HK is 5,499HKD. With this kit which I rate as 95% new also come the extra purchased “Switch Dual Hand Grip Handle” (priced 799HKD) which really help to hold your kit more stable in both upright and briefcase modes since there are 3 connecting points for the handles. In addition I also have a Sony specific Multi-Camera Control cable that make it possible to access all Sony camera featured such as exposure trigger and focus pulling on  your Sony via the gimbal(priced at 139HKD). All is in absolut perfect working condition and hardly used. The combined package does cost HKD6,437 new and I am selling for HKD2,300.
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