Insta 360 Pro 8k Vr360 camera

Insta 360 Pro 8k Vr360 camera
15,000.00 HKD
Hong Kong
Chai Wan
seller via email
Jun 29, 2022
Not specified
This 8K resolution spherical VR 360 camera is the predecessor to the much more expensive version 2 ( I have used this camera for one small real estate project that my client requested and has not used ever since. Expect this camera to be in perfect MINT condition. The whole package come with a sturdy Pelican style carrying case a unit charger and an extra battery that I bought. If you don’t need the Farsight module of the model 2 which is 10,000HKD more expensive I suggest this more economical unit. I am the first time buyer at 29,999HKD. Selling for just 50% at 15,000HKD. Again in MINT condition.

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