Canon 1014 Super 8mm Film Movie Camera

Canon 1014 Super 8mm Film Movie Camera
2,000.00 HKD
New Territories
Kam Wan
Sep 26, 2021
Vintage Canon Auto Zoom 1014 Super 8mm Film Movie Camera. The camera is still working in good condition.

It is a great collectible and is great for display and decoration.

A prototype of the Canon Auto Zoom 2018 movie camera was exhibited in 1970 at Photokina in Germany. In principle, it was impossible to rewind Super 8 film further than 90 frames. Canon used this characteristic to develop an overlap system comprising a rewind system and variable shutter mechanism. This overlap system was applied in the Auto Zoom 1014 Electronic, which was actually marketed later.

Both higher zooming magnification and lens compactness were pursued. Finally, a 10x f/1.4 zoom lens was realized with a filter diameter of 58 mm, applying a new zooming mechanism. In this lens, the second lens group with negative power and the third lens group with positive power moved to opposite sides. This zooming method became Canon’s standard and was very effective for high magnification zoom lenses. This model had slow motion shooting at 54 fps and also achieved unmanned shooting, such as continuous single frame shooting, using a magnet release function together with the Interval Timer E accessory or the Time Lapse Programmer, which was available by special order.
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