Canon Eos 630 Roll Film camera

Canon Eos 630 Roll Film camera
300.00 HKD
Hong Kong
Midlevels West
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Nov 27, 2022
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Canon EOS 630 ROLL FILM camera which was part of my deceased brother's estate - and as neither myself - nor {especially} my brother have any use for it, I will offer it for $300.

It's probably grossly underpriced - I don't know anything about such devices - all I know that it was stored in a professional "Dry Cabinet" at his abode, and I'm having to dispose of all of his camera equipments - so keep a watch out for more equipment being advertised here!!

Buyer collects from near HKU !

Leave a message here with your e'mail address and WhatsApp phone number, so I can send you a MAP.jpg to help guide you to my abode near Pok Fu Lam Playground.

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