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Original Hasselblad 500el/m
14,900.00 HKD
New Territories
Sai Kung
Philippe Whatsapp
May 09, 2019
Film Camera: The Hasselblad 500el/m is the motorised model of the well known medium format SLR system used by many photographers around the globe. A slightly modified version of this camera went on the Moon. The 500 EL/M was made by Victor Hasselblad in Sweden between 1970 and 1989.
Lens: Carl Zeiss Planar T. f= 80mm 1:2.8
Medium format: Digital back or 120 Film
View finder PM5/Hasselblad
2 backs
Hard Case 
Can receive a digital back to become an unsurpassed digital camera. (To purchase separately or to rent)
Made in Sweden by Victor Hasselblad in 1982
Serial Number UIE25616
ID: 5dfbea4c-ca93-4235-8857-dcca432f172c