Coffee table, cabinet, bedside table etc

Coffee table, cabinet, bedside table etc
250.00 HKD
Kowloon Tong
Dec 22, 2019
 Coffee table, cabinet, bedside table LIST
Photo 1-2. metal cabinet with lockable doors- 198H x 92W x 42D in cm - $250
Photo 3 white cabinet with 5 drawer- 123H x 73W x 60D in cm - $350
Photo 4 mattress foldable King size- 152L x 100W x 8T in cm - $300 
Photo 5 brown living room cabinet with 5 drawers - 75H x 90W x 45D in cm -$250
Photo 6 TV cabinet with drawers, door window n glass top- 70H x150W x 52D cm -$400
Photo 7 set of 2 bedside table- 50H x 46W x 36D cm - $200
Photo 8 white board small- 50H x 46W - $80
Photo 9 white board large- 150W x 120H x 1.5T cm - $250 
Photo 10. coffee table - 68L x 68W x 42H in cm - $120
All in good working conditions, First come first served
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