Teapot '80s + Basket rattan

Teapot '80s + Basket rattan
350.00 HKD
Hong Kong
Sai Wan Ho
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Nov 23, 2022
Vintage / antique (1980s) porcelain tea kettle with rattan wrapped handle in rattan basket ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Circa. 1980s
80% new
Condition: good
Tea stain (inside and outside) can be easily removed with water.  It is kept upon professional advice and for its vintage look.
Tea kettle: Fully hand-painted floral and butterfly patterns.  Good design and craftsmanship.  The rattan basket comes with a lid, cotton fabric inside, foam in between for insulation to keep the kettle warm for hours.  It was tailor made for the kettle.   The rattan has aged naturally into darker hue with the passage of half a century, the bottom part shows the original brighter look. 
Price: HK$350 for the kettle with lid and the rattan basket
Note: hard wood base and linen not included.
Standalone kettle with rattan handle and standalone rattan baskets are still produced today.  But a kettle with a tailor-made rattan basket is rare.  It makes a great decoration while it can be used for tea serving.  No need to rush home to unplug your electric kettle if you forgot to do so before going to a trip.  
Note: Voice phone call or SMS message to 94405427.  English/Cantonese/Mandarin.   
Or send me a message via Asiaxpat.com.  WhatsApp NOT entertained.

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