Paul Evans Chrome Cityscape Cabinet

Paul Evans Chrome Cityscape Cabinet
48,000.00 HKD
Lantau Island
Discovery Bay
Jun 04, 2022
This stunning vintage cabinet features the iconic patchwork design by Paul Evans in chromium polished steel with a pair of double doors signed by Paul Evans and belonging to the Chrome Cityscape collection of Cadenza. In the 1950s Evans, who was born in the US, began his career making copper chests and cabinets, then in 1964, he became the designer for the furniture manufacturer Directional Furniture.

Paul Evans' designs are easily identifiable and highly sort after and collectable often bringing US$20,000-30,000 and above at auction. This piece likely dates from the early1970s, and has been in the present owner's possession for over 30 years, it is in good condition but with some patches having small dents and a couple of panels that should be replaced or a full restoration would be worthwhile to enhance the value. The dimensions are L 184cm, H 62cm, W 54cm. Asking price HK$48,000
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