Long Lan connections

Long Lan connections
150.00 HKD
Hong Kong
Midlevels West
Nov 30, 2023
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"Bridge that gap with a Cadbury's Snack"!

That was a slogan, [perhaps even still is], on ITV-UK some 50+ years ago.

However, my items ($150 a pair) are much more up-to-date; they fill in the "gap" between the router and an otherwise un-cableable location to provide a LAN connection at an impossible to serve by Wi-Fi, or by a long LAN cable.

These devices accept one LAN input  (not shown on the photos - Mea Culpa) and feed the signal through the MAINS connection to the second device (And vice versa) so that one can get a LAN connection where it is difficult/impossible/impractical to run any long LAN cables.

I used mine to secure a LAN connection to my bedroom TV. but sold the TV recently.

As I am an ancient 83 year old, I don't travel well at all !!

They must be collected from my flat in Pok Fu Lam Road, [near the playground], by arrangement. 

There's FREE guest parking available.

I will send buyer a MAP.jpg from my WhatsApp / Voice phone number 9687-8012. {when they confirm that they are coming}.
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