Panton system deluxe dining chair

Panton system deluxe dining chair
9,500.00 HKD
Ho Man Tin
Dec 09, 2019
Panton system deluxe dining chair
The original commission was to design a furniture program that combined a series of different functions with the basic requirement of good sitting comfort. The chairs should also have a simple and natural design, so they could fit into any environment as a functional element. It took Verner Panton three years to develop the series, and the result was a unique chair concept where Panton worked systematically with design and function based on a defined theme.
The chair originally featured a light frame construction made from steel upon which fabric could be mounted. In the new version, Verpan has used foam rubber for increased sitting comfort and to ensure a tight and even upholstering. Verpan intends to add more models to the series over the next few years.
Size : system deluxe dining chair: 33.8" h | 23.6" d | seat: 18.5" h | 19.7" w
Original price USD $2,465.00 
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