Luxury 6 seater Mercedez R350

Luxury 6 seater Mercedez R350
91,000.00 HKD
Mercedes-Benz R350
New Territories
Sai Kung
Jan 05, 2021

2009 Mercedes R350

6 comfortable seats - it’s a great spacious car to accommodate your family or friends!

4 Isofixes to fit car seats in available! 

Folding sunroof to keep kids or your parents entertained and still enough space in the booth for shopping!


We just put in a NEW radio!

It still feels new inside and while you drive too. 

It has only 90000km and no accidents! 


We traveled a lot before all the locked down, so we didn’t use it often but I really loved to drive it with my kids! It has great sound, light leather seats and many other practical things!


 It feels so luxurious, yet it’s so practical! 


If we were not moving, then I would live to keep it! So far the best family car we had!


So I hope it ll find a nice owner!

Come to check it out for a drive yourself!

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