Spotless 0 owner 7seater Discovery Sport

Spotless 0 owner 7seater Discovery Sport
399,000.00 HKD
Landrover Discovery
Hong Kong
Jardines Lookout
Mar 21, 2020
Overall, 30%+ depreciation over 1 yr and 3 mths since new on an impeccable, fun, good looking car with reasonably low miles is probably the steepest discount you can get. And the only reason you're getting it is because I can probably get an equally good deal off someone else for a van. Private sale. 
* 0 owner. Bought from HK Land Rover dealership Oct/Nov 2018. 
* Spotless. Zero scratches on body. Driver (carefully) driven, washed/cleaned daily (exterior and interior). Parked indoors.
* 25xxx km (genuine of course)
* Grey exterior, black roof (HK$20k option at purchase)
* Sits 7. The two seats at the back are actually comfortable for adults (I've sat there multiple times for 1hr long trips) 
* Reason for sale: driving my mother in law more often so need a van + I'm really not driving this car myself so don't need such great handling / good looks.
Any questions, let me know. Can view anytime on a weekday/weekend anywhere on HK island.
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