Bmw X5 Diesel Adventure Trim

Bmw X5 Diesel Adventure Trim
378,000.00 HKD
Sport Utility
Four Door
Lantau Island
Tung Chung
Alan C
Dec 31, 2019
For the price of a Japanese minivan, you can take home this fabulous X5 with:
  • Famous handling characteristic: it is a BMW after all
  • Luxury German engineering: hard to find Adventure trim, special equipped with matted silver grill, upgraded rims , metal front, side and rear skid plate and full leather 7 seats and various power appointments.
  • Affordable: less than HALF of the retail price of the new unit
  • Reliable and dependable: durable diesel engine.
  • Lasting: this X5 is equipped with a Euro 6 diesel engine, which means it rates as a standard gasoline car; therefore, there is no additional cost for crossing the tunnel. Unlike other diesel vehicles, there are NO 15 years of limited usage on the road.
  • Low running cost: less than 80 cents per KM
  • Family-friendly: 7 seaters
  • Safe: BMW famous X Drive ( all-wheel-drive system), feel extremely sure footage even under heavy rain
  • Worry-free driving: new tires, brake service and recently scheduled maintenance
  • Pictures speak for thousands of words: this SUV is in excellent condition inside out
  • Low usage, around 50K KM "local" driving
  • Little bonus: more than 10 months left on the licensing
Should you have any questions or equities, please free to contact me via iMessage or Wechat at +852 9209 2188.
Thank you
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