Jaguar Xkr 4.2l Supercharged 400hp *rare

Jaguar Xkr 4.2l Supercharged 400hp *rare
250,000.00 HKD
Jaguar XKR
Two Door
Hong Kong
Jun 27, 2020
  • Jaguar XKR Coupe – 4.2L Supercharged (2+2)
  • 400 horsepower at 6,100rpm
  • 250 km/hr top speed
  • Date of First Registration: 23 December 2003
  • Date of Manufacture: 2002
  • Number of Owners: 5 on VRD 
  • 6-speed ZF transmission automatic
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Original Radio – 6-disc CD changer, ALPINE speakers
  • Beige connolly leather interior with heated front seats (like new)
  • Burl walnut trim
  • Front and side-airbags
  • 20” BBS Detroit Rims (very rare) - comletely refurbished
  • 4-piston Brembo Brakes front and rear with cross-drilled discs

This is a pristine Hong Kong dealer Jaguar XKR with the extremely rare and more reliable 4.2L supercharged engine.  Shifting is ultra-smooth with it’s 6-speed ZF automatic transmission.

My total cost for this car including parts and labour over the last 12 months or so is well over HK$420,000 (original receipts available including work done at dealer) as the plan was to fully restore the car and to keep it for a very long time. However, my family duties now require a more practical car!  I am listing this car at HK$250,000 but open to negotiating on price to serious enquiries.  Don’t be shy to message me to discuss and so I can explain in detail on the work done.  I am knowledgeable about cars and have done certain repairs to the XKR only experts would know about.

Please do not compare this car to XK8’s, especially the convertible ones listing at $100k or less. There’s no comparison. The amount of work that has been done to my car makes it the best condition Jaguar XK in Hong Kong without question. 

Summary of Repairs (Done (all parts Jaguar OEM):
  1. New idler pulley and belt
  2. New tensioner pulley and belt
  3. New oxygen sensors
  4. New fuel pump
  5. New motor starter
  6. New battery
  7. Supercharger fluid changed
  8. Oil changed at dealer. Next service Sep 2020
  9. New spark plugs
  10. New fuel filter
  11. Replaced many hoses
  12. All badges new (wheel caps, front bonnet and rear)
  13. 3 keys (2 keys with remote + green valet key *rare*)
  14. New bonnet lever
  15. Original radio with new antenna
  16. New catalytic converters (with new oxygen sensors)
  17. New Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires front and rear
  18. 20” Detroit BBS wheels (very rare) fully refurbished by UK specialist
  19. New seat belts front and rear (original Jaguar)
  20. New Brembo cross-drilled brake discs
  21. New Brembo brake pads
  22. New brake fluid
  23. New engine air filter
  24. New air conditioner compressor
  25. New air conditioner bottle receiver
  26. New air conditioner coolant
  27. Jaguar Anti-freeze topped up by dealer
  28. New transmission gearbox valve body (very expensive)
  29. New transmission control module
  30. New transmission fluid – serviced at dealer
  31. New Brake Switch
  32. New Antifreeze expansion tank
  33. New sound deadening bonnet liner
  34. New side window seals
  35. Differential oil changed
  36. New suspension control unit
  37. New side lamp indicators
  38. New sun visors
  39. New engine mounts
  40. New window wipers with new rubber
  41. New headlight washer jets (both sides)
  42. New engine air intake duct
  43. New LED lights for Centre console buttons (e.g. A/C, ventilation direction...)
  44. Extra backup body control module (superceded version - no longer produced, very rare)
  45. New side view mirrors auto dim
  46. Extra screws for tire pressure valve
  47. New fog lights (left and right)
  48. New front bumper over riders (left and right) - it’s those two plastic guards
  49. Full body repaint with all traces of rust or oxidation removed
  50. Extra windshield wiper rubber
  51. Extra oil filter with new drain bolt
  52. Original spare tire
  53. Original owners manual
  54. New Jaguar umbrella
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