2 Amazing Dogs for A Loving Family

New 2 Amazing Dogs for A Loving Family
1.00 HKD
New Territories
Tseung Kwan O
Mar 10, 2020
Unfortunately I have to leave Hong Kong and it breaks my heart but I am not able to take my two dogs with me, so looking for a loving family for them both.
Coby is a 8 year old Cavapoo - mix of poodle and King Charles Spaniel. Black with a white patch on his chest. He is chilled out, very smart and so snuggly.
Maui is a 6 year old Australian Labradoodle - a purebread originally combinning Poodle, Labrador Retriever and Cocker Spaniel. He is white with tan patches. He is happy go lucky and more energetic.
They are both house trained, well behaved and know lots of tricks.
Both are neutered, licensed, chipped and up to date with their shots,  addititionally both have passed medicals exams and bloodwork on March 1, 2020 with no issues.
If you are interested and able to provide a loving home and environment or know of anyone else please contact me for a meet up with my dogs. 
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