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Audiophile Hifi Components
3,000.00 HKD
Hong Kong
Nov 02, 2019
Audiophile Hifi Components - USED and N.O.S

Zero 6336SE Tube Amplifier and Passive Pre $2,500
Audio Nirvana 10” Full Range Drivers in DIY Cabinets, solid wood stands $3,500
For any questions or images/videos please get in contact. A demonstration is also possible in Mid-levels, Central.
PM or WhatsAPP 6203 9172

Zero 6336S (SET) Valve Amplifier (China) New Old Stock
Power Amplifier and Passive Preamplifier with 2 line inputs.
Supplied with a full set of vintage valves, including Mullard & Philips.
size Amplifier: 300mm (w) x 220 (h) x 420 (d)
size Pre-Amp: 160mm (w) x 100 (h) x 305 (d)

Audio Nirvana Speakers
Full range drivers are a straightforward design that don’t require electronic crossovers, and with 96dB high sensitivity provide an engaging listening experience. These Audio Nirvana 10” drivers blend the best of old and new design and are fitted to decent sized Birch Plywood ported cabinet, built from plans provided with the AN drivers. The result is musical clarity from the lowest to high levels of volume.  They work well on all types of music, and are most lifelike when reproducing voices and single instruments.
Cabinet size: 345mm (w) x 610 (h) + 460 (stands) x 290 (d)
Speaker impedence: 8 ohms
Cone Material: Paper

For more details: www.instagram.com/kk_tovox 
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