Tp-link Repeater for 2.4 Gig *&* 5 Gig

Tp-link Repeater for 2.4 Gig *&* 5 Gig
100.00 HKD
Hong Kong
Midlevels West
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Jun 01, 2023
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TP-Link RE305 - AC1200 model Wi-Fi Repeater: Use to provide additional 2.4GHz & 5GHz  Wi-Fi channels at a distance from the source of your Wi-Fi to fill in "dodgy" Wi-Fi reception areas! Or connect a LAN output to it.

I don't need it any more as I have my own  ~15 separate Wi-Fi channels radiating around in my own flat.

So, what more can you ask for - for a mere $100 !

Anyone who only replies "I'm interested" will immediately been dumped into the "Bit Bucket".

DON'T ASK  "Is it still available?"   I remove items as soon as they are sold - so don't waste my time.

Interested? Then call me (Tony) on WhatsApp 9687-8012 PHONE NUMBER.
[if you reckon you can't find your way to me,  I will send you a MAP.jpg to assist you].

"Buyer Collects" as I'm 82.5 years old and travel isn't too comfortable at my age !!

FREE guest parking available.
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