Yamaha Ux30bl upright 52” piano

Yamaha Ux30bl upright 52” piano
40,000.00 HKD
Hong Kong
South Bay
Mar 28, 2021
Beautiful and magnificently rich sounding Yamaha UX30BL studio upright 52” piano in very good condition. 

The Yamaha UX30BL Upright piano features a beautiful polished ebony finish. The UX series was a limited top of the line model introduced in Japan as an upgrade to the U-series, equipped with even higher grade wood and felt materials, nickel plated tuning pegs, higher quality action parts and sound board. Has a recessed fall board And large music stand with sound holes behind it, allowing sound to project from the front of the instrument. Designed for professionals with features of grand pianos. 

The biggest different is the use of an X brace (radial type) In back, allowing for longer bass strings and an overall richer, fuller sound with longer sustain; and it also holds tuning better.

This piano was built in 1989. A buying agent in Japan explains , “The UX models are designation sold domestically in the Japanese market. So these models are not mass produced for the export market and it is rare to find it”.

The original, new retail price of X series instruments was reportedly about 30% higher than the U series. 

UX are all made in Japan at the Hamamatsu factory where Yamaha make all of their grand pianos.

Year of manufacture, 1989, determined by serial number: 4650000 started 1989 and 4811000 in 1990. I am the second owner.
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