Fujitsu Laptop

Fujitsu Laptop
1,300.00 HKD
Hong Kong
Midlevels West
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Jan 28, 2023
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Fujitsu Lifebook model AH544:

15.5" screen with FULL-size Keyboard.

8GB RAM & Hi-Speed eSSD storage media for extremely FAST boot-up to Window 10.

Right up-to-date (21-10-22) Windows 10.

Very sensitive Wi-Fi.

4 USB sockets; SD socket for removable Memory; VGA socket; HDMI & LAN sockets.

Many utilities stored on a separate sub-directory for you &/or friends to acquire.

In excellent working order.

If you want them : 1) Carry bag.
                                 2) Notebook cooler unit with 4 fans - to aid computer cooling.

Bonus:= A bundle of Ubunto disks; Acronis data migration & G-Parted CDR/DVD disks!

All this lot for a mere  $1300  !!!

Interested? Then call me on my WhatsApp PHONE NUMBER 9687-8012  & I'll get back to you. If you reckon you can't find your way to me in Pok Fu Lam Road - next to PFL Playground, and I will send you a MAP.jpg to assist you]. 

Anyone who only replies "I'm interested" will immediately been dumped into the "Bit Bucket". Therefore: be Explicit in your response!

DON'T ASK  "Is it still available?"   I remove items as soon as they are sold - so don't waste my time.

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