Outdoor Stainless Steel gas Heater

New Outdoor Stainless Steel gas Heater
2,800.00 HKD
New Territories
Yuen Long
Jun 24, 2020
Outdoor Stainless Steel gas Heater$2800
The Athena 304 Stainless Steel Flame Gas Patio Heater is our most popular gas flame patio heater. Standing tall and handsome, this designer heater not only performs the heating role well but also looks superb. Almost 50% more heat is generated than the standard Athena heater using the glowing infrared heater heat collector and an enhanced reflector.

Standing at 2.28m tall on its aluminum feet, the Athena gas patio heater manages to impress in every aspect. Started with the built in battery igniter, the Athena's heat output can be adjusted with the variable Valve - and will automatically shut off if tipped over as part of its inbuilt safety mechanism. This Heater will run on either Propane or LPG gas.

Anti-tilt safety cut off mechanism
Low output to high output with pilot battery igniter
Stainless steel control box
Wheels for ease of movement
Magnetically held panel for easy removal and gas bottle exchange when empty
Propane gas consumption is around 0.30kg/h The Athena is 13.5kw; using a 13kg bottle of propane gas it is estimated there is approx 16 hours of use if on full and constantly
13kg patio gas
Height : 228cm
Base Area : 50x50cm

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