Italian Cashmere Coat

Italian Cashmere Coat
1,800.00 HKD
Hong Kong
Shau Kei Wan
Sep 18, 2020
Not specified
This is a custom tailored coat that's been used on 2 business trips overseas...and that's it! That's why I think it's time to sell this; I just don't use it (it's super warm and I don't wear suits anymore).

It's made of gorgeous, soft Italian cashmere and has the following features and specs:

- It's tailored to fit perfectly over a suit (I wear a size 52 suit)
- It has many pockets, including a special feature for the outer pockets: there's an additional pass-through feature that allows you to access your suit or pants pocket without the need to unbutton the coat for access. This is a fantastic feature when it's cold out and you just don't want to expose yourself to the cold weather but need to access something on your suit or in your pants pockets
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