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External Hard Drives & Usb Flash Drives
New Territories
Sai Kung
December 02, 2018
Selling unused external HDDs and USB flash drives. Any questions, please ask!

(#1) 2TB Desktop External Hard Drive (3.5” Western Digital disk in SSK
enclosure). Good condition, has barely been used. Can lay flat on the
table or vertically on the provided stand. Note: power adapter has a
Chinese-style plug (Type A) → HK$500

(#2) 500GB Portable External Hard Drive (Western Digital MyPassport). Good condition, works impeccably → HK$250

(#3) 320GB Portable External Hard Drive (2.5” Hitachi disk in Antec
enclosure). Good condition. Requires 2 USB ports OR 1 USB port + a power
source (adapter not provided) → HK$200

(#4) 200GB Desktop External Hard Drive. A few cracks on the back plastic
cover, but works perfectly. Note: power adapter has a European-style
plug (Type C) → HK$100

(#5) 16GB USB Flash Drive. Barely used. Excellent condition → HK$50

(#6) 2GB USB Flash Drive. (Has a slot to read SD cards that no longer
works unfortunately, but the 2GB storage can still be used.) → FREE with
any other item
(first come, first served)

Items located in Sai Kung, but can arrange to meet elsewhere in Hong Kong.

Please message me if interested!
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