Moving! Free or priced for sale

Moving! Free or priced for sale
Park Avenue
18 Hoi Ting Road
Jul 18, 2021 12:00 AM
Aug 17, 2021 12:00 AM
Tai Kok Tsui
Jul 18, 2021
Moving sale – priced to sell!
Would consider better rates for multiple items.
Contact via Whatsapp! Ask for photos of all items.

1.     Peg Perego Piko Mini Umbrella stroller (+Original Rain cover + Wallet/ drink holder)
a.     Attractive + Lightweight (5.7kg)
b.     Good condition (this was our second stroller as the prior one was heavy – 7.5kg). Used 2 years of which only 1 actively. Some wear.
c.     HKD 400

2.     Ergo Baby 360 Air Mesh Baby Carrier
a.     We have used it from infancy till our child was 12 kg.
b.     It is well used but in very good condition. No stain or rip. We haven't used it for more than a year now.
c.     HKD 400

3.     Bumbo booster seat – for chair and the floor – strappable & very handy.
a.     The tray has a faint crack and the seat sponge (removable) has some tear.
b.     Used 2.5 years.
c.     HKD 100
1.     Ikea Malm Queen storage bed frame
a.     Condition: Good. Has been dismantled and re-assembled once.
b.     Dimensions - outer (inches): 83L – 65W – 39H (head)
c.     Fits standard Queen size mattress. Lot of storage.
d.     HKD 500 (together with Simmons Beautyrest mattress)

2.     Simmons Beauty-rest Queensize comfortable mattress
a.     Condition: Extremely comfortable. Has some marks.
b.     Dimensions (inches): 80L – 60W (Fits the above bed-frame).
c.     HKD 500 (together with Ikea Malm bed-frame)

3.     Ikea white wardrobe.
a.     Highly functional wardrobe with sensible combination of drawers, hanging space, shelves. One lock-able drawer.
b.     Condition: Good. But has been dismantled and re-assembled and has had small scratches at the edges (painted over by me).
c.     Dimensions (inches): 78H – 49W – 23D
d.    HKD 400

4.     Ikea plain slatted single small bed.
a.     Condition: Good.
b.     Dimensions (inches): 65.2L – 35.5W – 22H (headrest)
c.     HKD 150

5.     Plain shelf/cabinet (Free with purchase of any other items).
a.     Condition: Eminently usable, but it was a basic buy.
b.     Dimensions (inches): 40H – 16W – 11.2D
c.     HKD 0/ FREE (with purchase of any other items)

6.     Ikea basic study desk – in a rough condition.
a.     Condition: Functionally works, but the laminate has peeled from multiple places and the drawer is not smooth.
b.     Table-top extensions are fold-able on either side
c.     Dimensions (inches): 29H - 20D – 50L (extended)/ 39L (half-extended) / 28.5 (not-extended).
d.     HKD 0/ Free (If you are buying other items from us and need a desk you’re welcome to keep it as it still serves the purpose).

7.     Sanshin stand-fans x2 pieces
a.     Two white Sanshin stand-fans
b.     Condition: Used 3-4 years. Cleaned regularly/ Good.
c.     HKD 50 each (preferably purchased together with other items)
1.     6 Multi-purpose chairs
a.     2 chairs with arm-rests; 4 without.
b.     Condition: Well-used. These are smart and comfortable – can be used for dining or other purposes. Cushions have flattened and worn. Could do with a simple padded cover.
c.     Dimension (inches): 22D – 21.5W – 33H
d.     HKD 0/ Free.

2.     Shoe Rack
a.     Shoe rack that serves its purpose!.
b.     Condition: Well-used/ as you see it.
c.     Dimensions (inches): 39.5W – 41H – 8D
d.     HKD 150.

3.     Marble-top cabinet – 2 drawers and 2 shelves.
a.     Condition: Well-used but smart. Note it has slightly loose wooden design features at the bottom, but these remain solidly intact.
b.     Dimensions (inches): 47.5H – 16D – 21W
c.     HKD 150.

4.     Side-table x2 pieces
a.     Condition: Well-used and with some scratches.
b.     Dimensions (inches): 25L - 15.5H – 15.5W
c.     HKD 0/ Free.
We also have a roomy and very comfortable sofa and a few other items such as lamps with shades if of interest.
Contact via WhatsApp! Ask for photos. Thanks
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