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Must Go: Office furniture and equipment
United Centre
95 Queensway Admiralty
Hong Kong
Jun 11, 2019
URGENT SALE: We are moving to new furnished office premises in mid-June and therefore need
to dispose of our existing office furniture which will be available for
collection after 14 June 2019. The furniture includes 15 workstations with
fitted partitions, under desk storage cabinets, office chairs; two
boardroom tables plus chairs and additional matching storage cabinets of
various sizes, photocopier/scanner, fridge, microwave, shredder, vacuum
cleaner, etc.
All the furniture is of modern design, less than 18 months old and in as new
condition. Essentially all you need to fit out an office.  See below for
details including measurements and prices. All furniture is being offered at
First in first served.  All items must be removed before 30 June 2019.  Photos of some of the items attached. If
interested please call Bruno on 93266430.
List of Items 
1.Reception bench /couch  /  1020W x 520D x 420H  /Qty: 1 / HK$800
2.Umbrella container / Qty: 1 /  HK$150
3.Fortress microwave / 450W x 330D x 255H / Qty: 1 /  HK$200
4.Fortress fridge / 500W x 560D x 1380H / Qty: 1 /  HK$1500
5.Boardroom chairs / Qty: 8 /  HK$700 (per unit)  
6.Boardroom table / 3000W x 1200D x 745H / Qty: 1 /  HK$5,000
7.Whiteboard / 1800W x 1200H / Qty: 1 /  HK$600
8.Meeting chairs / Qty: 4 /  HK$700 (per unit)
9.Meeting room table / 1800W x 900D x 745H / Qty: 1 /HK$3,000  
10.Desk (server room) / 1500W x 700D x 750H / Qty: 1 /HK$600
11.Tall cabinet – wardrode (server room) / 800W x 450D x 1800H /Qty: 1 /  HK$2,000
12.Server Rack / 600W x 1000D x 1870H / Qty: 1 / HK$3,500
13.Fortress vacuum cleaner / Qty: 1 /  HK$400
14.3-drawer mobile pedestal / 400W x 500D x 605H / Qty:15 /HK$500 (per unit)  
15.Office chairs with arms / Qty: 15 /  HK$700 (per unit)
16.Workstation / 1900/800W x 1800/600D x 745H / Qty:1 / HK$1,500
17.Workstation / 1900/800W x 1500/600D x 745H / Qty:1 / HK$1,500
18.Workstation / 1400/600W x 1400/600D x 745H / Qty:1 / HK$1,000
19.Workstation – Bench / 1500W x 700D x 745H / Qty:2 / HK$500 (per unit)
20.High cabinet / 930W x 600D x 2100H / Qty:1 / HK$2,500  (per unit)
21.Low cabinet / 800W x 450D x 870H / Qty:1 /  HK$1,500
22.Low cabinet / 1000W x 450D x 900H / Qty:2 /  HK$1,500 (per unit)
23.Low cabinet / 1000W x 400D x 870H / Qty:1 /  HK$1,500
24.Konica Minolta multifunction copier / 750W x 700D x 1200H / Qty:1 /  HK$20,000  
25.Shredder / 400W x 330D x 720H / Qty:1 /  HK$600
26.Wifi routers / Qty:2 /  HK$250 (per unit)
27.Window blinds (custom made for United Centre Admiralty office windows) / Qty:14 /  HK$700 (per unit)
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