Furnitures & Appliances for Sale

Furnitures & Appliances for Sale
Vista Paradiso
23F Block 11
Mar 26, 2020 12:00 AM
Mar 30, 2020 12:00 AM
New Territories
Ma On Shan
Wendy Li
Mar 26, 2020
Some household items for sale due to house moving. Prices and sizes are shown in the pictures. Please contact by Whatsapp/mobile. Additional discounts on package purchase!
1. Shoe rack. Bought at JHC, in excellent condition;
2. Rice cooker. Bought online (, with manual), practically new;
3. Water boiler. Bought at Park'n Shop, in excellent condition;
4. Wok with spatula and baskets. Bought at IKEA, in excellent condition;
5. Saucepot. Bought at IKEA, practically new;
6. Bookshelf. Bought at JHC, in excellent condition;
7. Small desk. Bought at JHC, in excellent condition;
8. Single closet with a 6-layer rack attached. Bought at IKEA, in excellent condition;
9. Power strips. One with 3 outlets, the other with 2 outlets;
10. Yoga mat with a drawstring bag. Brand new, purple.
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