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Nurseryworks Aerial Crib & Dresser
South Bay Towers
59 South Bay Road
December 04, 2018 12:00 AM
December 21, 2018 12:00 AM
Hong Kong
South Bay
December 04, 2018
Nurseryworks Aerial Crib in Circles with Snow White Rails & matching 3 piece Dresser
Tasteful, high quality baby/toddler furniture. Both have been very well preserved. Much better quality than Indigo, Flexa, IKEA etc.

The ultimate brilliantly modern crib for the contemporary home is realized with Aerial Crib. Safe, practical, and bright with charm. Lusciously simple, Aerial Crib is inspired by California and Scandinavian mid-century designs and features adorable circle carved panels. Constructed with exceptional skill of craft, this stable crib can also convert to a toddler bed with guardrail.
Conversion kit allows the bed to convert from crib into a toddler day bed [picture shown is the toddler bed]. We have original instructions, easy to assemble.

conversion kit – included!

mattress – included!

Crib approx. dimensions:
H: 37" = 94cm
W: 30" = 76cm
L: 61" = 155cm
condition: excellent [few minor dings]

We have a matching dresser to go with the crib. It is very solidly built. You can take it apart into 3 pieces for easy moving.

3 piece
Dresser approx. dimensions:
H: 30"H = 76cm
W: 19” = 48cm
L: 66” = 167cm
condition: mint [one minor ding]

Crib [2200] and dresser [2200] together for HKD $4,400k [we prefer to sell together] or best price.
If you wish to discuss purchasing separately, pls inquire.

Pick up any time

Thanks for looking!
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