Wp4500 Window Energy Profiler

Wp4500 Window Energy Profiler
5,800.00 HKD
Kwun Tong
MS Wong
May 12, 2022
WP4500 Window Energy Profiler - Test the Energy Performance of In Frame Windows - SHGC, UV, Visible Light, and Infrared Values
Displays 4 real-time measurements of windows: the estimated SHGC value along with the UV, Visible Light, and Infrared Transmission values.
Large enough opening to fit over the window sash of an installed window.
Common Applications Include: Replacement Window Sales, Portable Quality Control, Energy Auditors in the field, and Identify and Differentiate Low-E coatings.
Completely portable with convenient handle for taking measurements, and includes a Padded Carrying Case to protect your Investment.

Made in USA 
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