" Lock Up Your Daughters" ??

" Lock Up Your Daughters" ??
51.00 HKD
Hong Kong
Midlevels West
via P.Ms
Mar 31, 2023
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Lock Up Your Daughters?


Well if you want to follow the theme of that name : I have three sturdy padlocks looking for a new home!

Chastity Belts not provided.

Ulternatively, if you don't have straying daughter(s) - then use for alternate purposes. <Grin>.

They were used by my deceased brother, but HE won't have any opportunity to use them again.

They come with several keys for each robust Padlock.

I'll offer them at $20 each, or three for a total of $51.

I doubt whether they can be purchased "in the market" so cheaply.

Collect from near Pok Fu Lam Road Playground, I am ancient - 82 y.o. & don't travel well.

Call me on WhatsApp 9687-8012 & I can send you a MAP.jpg showing where I am.

Free: guest parking.
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