E-mu E6400 Ultra Sampler

E-mu E6400 Ultra Sampler
4,000.00 HKD
New Territories
Clear Water Bay
Jul 10, 2020
Not specified
Emu e6400 Sampler. 4.7EOS, 128mb ram. Includes the manual.

Comes with 20gb Emu sample library on SCSI hard disk. Ive tried to show it in the pics but its very small so if you want to see the full list pls msg me and I'll send it to you. There's everything you'll ever need from all of the famous drum machines like Roland 707, 808, 909 etc to samples taken from the Emu SP1200. Prophet, Juno, Jupiter, various bass packs, vintage analog samples, Hammond tonewheel organs, orchestral instruments, worldwide instruments, all kind of hip hop packs, wizard pads, virus, the list goes on and on, too much to explain here but this library is extensive.

Comes with manual, power cable, 8 x Output cables, and a midi cable. 

Amazing sampler, reluctant sale, welcome to test at Clearwater Bay or via video call.

Free HK delivery depending on location.
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