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"I just want to rave about how awesome your website is! It is very user friendly; has a fast and responsive support team; and I sold my dining chairs, electronic safe, vacuum cleaner, stationary bike, and even oddity - my huge and heavy free weight and cage gym set - all within 24 hours of posting! I even met an interesting potential future business prospect when the person came to buy my furniture. Wham, bam, thank you Asia Xpat! This website rocks!"
James, Hong Kong
"I am about to renovate my house and had many bulky items to sell. There's usually not much of a 2nd hand market but I sold most items within half an hour of posting on Asiaxpat. I also managed to sell my yacht through your website - quite unbelievable - I had more hits using your website than I had had using all other means of expensive advertising. I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic and efficient service."
Sue Thornton, Hong Kong
"What a great service. We just sold our car at list price in exactly 3 hours. It's the best I have ever seen. Thanks."
Mona, Hong Kong
"I sold my wife's Mazda MPV in 3 days and a friends BMW 840 in one day on your website - bloody amazing!! Thanks."
Richard, Hong Kong
"I’d often heard that AsiaXpat was the place to sell your car, but certainly was convinced. It took 2 days…all in all, worth the investment I’d say! First place I’ll come in future. Cheers."
Bryce, Hong Kong
"I had placed an ad for a classis 1978 Mercedes Benz 280sl - many thanks I had a lot of interest and it sold."
Michael S., Hong Kong
"I placed an ad to sell my BMW on the AsiaXPAT Auto Trader and was literally overwhelmed with both telephone and email enquiries from other expats and sold the car within a week. I highly recommend this site to anyone trying to sell a used vehicle!"
Niels Bakker, Hong Kong
"Well I sold the car for the full price! The money is in the bank, I had three people that wanted it so I have a little bidding war going on and they all saw the add on you site. So I think you can take the two add off now. Thanks for all your help! Cheers."
Nancy, Hong Kong
"We sold our car within half day - please delete the ad. Thank you very much."
Olivier P., Hong Kong