Hand Crafted Teak Bed - Must Go!

Hand Crafted Teak Bed - Must Go!
1,500.00 HKD
Hong Kong
South Bay
May 02, 2021
This is a beautiful hand made bed made of teak and a steal at this price(15k plus in the shops). Its a powerful and unique piece that makes a real statement, impress the wife/husband/wife to be/husband to be.
This bed is made to last and to the highest standard. The bed doesn't come with a mattress, which is an Australian king size. I hope you enjoy it. Buyer needs to pick up from the Southside, very easy to do as it comes apart completely.
Headboard: height 1 metre, width 2 metre
Bed Size: 2.15 metres by 2.15 meters
Mattress size: Australian King
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