Braun Multipractic deluxe Food Processor

Braun Multipractic deluxe Food Processor
1,000.00 HKD
Hong Kong
Midlevels Central
Nov 13, 2022
This unit is in perfect condition and is complete with all accessories and a user manual full of exciting and doable recipes, it has been used very moderately and essentially only with the blade.
Basically the Multipractic Plus is a very simple unit that does everything in just one working bowl and for most purposes you'll only need to use one accessory (the blade).
The many other accessories will come into use as your needs and experience and sense of adventure develops, including grating, slicing, making perfect chips, making dough for pastries or noodles! etc.etc.
In short everything you need to become Master of the Kitchen and maybe a great Chef.
We will be happy to answer any questions the unit is in spotless condition and can be collected from mid_levels.
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