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Electric cordless handle mop
750.00 HKD
Hong Kong
South Bay
Apr 06, 2019
Brand New

SWDK-D260 Handheld Cordless Rechargeable Electric Mop

Key Features:
1. Light weight, easy to carry around, full charge of the built-in battery lasts for 50 minutes cleaning.
2. Easy to operate, automatically propelled with little force.
3. High-frequency reciprocating movement to imitate human hands, cleaning more thoroughly with rubbing frequency up to 1000 times / minute.
4. Low noise, gentle to flooring.
5. Water sprayed evenly in fan-shape under LED light detector in the front of the mop.
6. Push the handlebar up to the vertical

Brand new

state, the host will automatically lock, safe and no power consumption.
Model: SWDK-D260
Net weight: 2.4KG
Battery: lithium battery 2000mAh
Rated voltage: DC12V
Rated power: ≤35W
Charger output voltage: DC12.6V
Charging time: 3h

Package included:

1 x SWDK-D260 Electric Mop
1 x Conventional Durable Mop Pads
1 x Terry Durable Mop Pads
1 x Disposable Environmental Mop Pads
1 x Measuring Cup
1 x Power Adapter (Hongkong)
ID: f6427ddf-2c5d-40c4-9fbb-15df6e09cfb8