Vileda Virobi Robot Mop Wireless

Vileda Virobi Robot Mop Wireless
390.00 HKD
Hong Kong
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Jun 04, 2020
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Vileda ViRobi Robot Mop
Virobi Robotic Mop is a simple-to-use robotic dust mop navigates autonomously around
your floors, collecting dust, fluff and hair on an electrostatic cloth.
It changes the direction automatically when it detects objects and walls.
Wireless, easy-to-use and rechargeable.
Two cleaning programs (30 or 120 minutes).
Autonomous navigation system – the robot detects and moves around obstacles.
Easily glides in narrower spaces, including under furniture, sofas, beds, etc.
Flexible base optimizes sweeping inside corners and angles.
Ideal for smooth surface floors (tile, marble, linoleum).
Includes Box and package of 20 extra electrostatic cloths.
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