Zara Dress Linen Cotton

Zara Dress Linen Cotton
90.00 HKD
Hong Kong
Sai Wan Ho
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Jun 21, 2022
ZARA dress Linen Cotton
99% new (worn indoor once for a couple of hours)
Size: Europe/US: small 
Trendy & good as casual wear, smart casual
Breathable & comfortable natural fabric:
75% Cotton; 23% Linen; 1% Polyamide; 1% Elastan
Color: typical linen color - beige, ivory with slight pink hue. 
The color under sunlight is in between the 2 photos i.e. laying flat 
and hung to a cloth hanger. 
NO ironing needed.  The texture is special: It is frizzy when laying flat 
on a surface as per the photo. It looks like a woven cloth when hung to 
a cloth hanger as per the photo.  It is in between both cases 
when you wear it because you have curve!
Good for spring, summer and autumn for shopping, watching movie,
dining, in door or BBQ party etc.You can wear it now in day time.
Put on a scarf or shawl in the evening, cotton or Pashima will do.
Note: Voice phone call or SMS message to 94405427.  English/Cantonese/Mandarin.   
Or send me a message via  WhatsApp NOT entertained.

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