Kado Studio

Kado Studio aims at promoting the spirits of Japanese “Kado” (the art of ikebana?). We serve our clients with the spirits of ikebana. By carefully selecting the best materials, and using the most refined and creative design, we bring beauty and elegance to the clients.

Kado emphasizes on the training of the “heart” and “skills”. Our designers received their training in Japan and have gained international awards. They use their superb skills and creativity to serve the clients with their hearts, and deliver messages for the clients through flowers.

We consider flower arrangement works as lively art pieces. In Kado Studio, you would not see any work that is similar to those you can see in ordinary flower shops. We only provide services and products with the best design and quality. Because of this insistence on quality, we have attracted many corporates, high-class shopping malls and celebrities to use our services.

Kado Studio has set up an ikebana school to promote the spirits of ikebana. Anyone who is interested in learning the ikebana or flower arrangement can enroll in the courses. We believe that everyone can make beautiful flower arrangements, and can live a happy and quality life through arranging flowers.