Learn to Fly Hk

  • Address

    Room 406

    Cheung Fung Commercial Building

    21-25 Cheung Sha Wan Road

    Hong Kong

  • Phone 94505616
At Learn to Fly Melbourne (LTFM), we use an innovative business model, high quality aircraft and experienced staff to provide you with cost effective training that helps you reach your goals faster. We train everyone from novices through to advanced pilots and can make your flight training process easy, from the time you start building flying hours on day one.

As a flying school we deeply care about your experience as a student. We have helped numerous students achieve their flying goals and along the way we make sure you receive genuine support from us. Every student is unique and so is your journey to becoming a pilot. Our team and instructors will help bring out your best effort so you can get everything you can out of your time with us and enjoy yourself day in and day out.