ESF Sha Tin College

Sha Tin College (STC) is an ESF international secondary school.

Sha Tin College is committed to providing the best possible teaching and learning experiences for every individual. The education provided leads to a variety of internationally recognised examinations, granting students access to higher education and career opportunities worldwide. The school has provision for students with moderate learning difficulties.

We believe that the Sha Tin College experience’ promotes a holistic, tolerant and multi-cultural perspective among our students in line with our mission, values and aims. We have a long tradition of serving the community and achieving excellent examination results and producing well-rounded young adults. We focus on building self-awareness and self-esteem in our students and encourage them to lead active healthy lives and maintain a balance between curricular challenges and physical activity – between work and play.

The school is a candidate school for the IB Career-related Programme (IBCP).