Nomera Jewellery

Born and bred in the UK, Nomera worked in Dubai, Kuwait and Beijing before settling into Hong Kong. Wanting to branch out and do something creative after many hours spent working in the fashion design industry, she launched her own line of jewellery, the eponymous Nomera.

“My pieces are crafted for the super confident woman. This is someone who knows exactly what she wants and is confident with her style, someone who is conscientious of fashion but chooses to stay classic.”

At NOMERA jewellery we offer a unique service in bespoke pieces for our customers. Weather an engagement/wedding ring, special gift or something specially made for yourself, we’ll work with you to design, create and craft the perfect piece.

If you are interested in commissioning a bespoke piece of NOMERA jewellery, please contact us here.

Please see examples of our recent bespoke orders below: