Hong Kong Language School

‘…the greatest praise I can write for Branda is after eight years, studying Chinese is increasingly interesting for me each day’ – Timothy April 2008

“Loved my teacher. She was professional and fun. Flexible enough to gauge lessons around personal interests yet also stayed structured…” Leslie May, 2010

‘It’s actually one of the best language courses I have ever attended. Very productive…’ – Degi December, 2010

“I'm amazed by how much I've learnt in the span of a little over 4 months. This is truly evidence that your centre is the best in hong kong and your teachers, professionals…” Faith March, 2011

**'Learning is the key to success, speaking Chinese language is a MUST!'**

We are the language School in Hong Kong which specialises in Cantonese and Mandarin Learning programs for expatriates, locals and overseas Chinese. We have different programmes to cater students in all aspects. These including Conversation and Chinese Reading & Writing.

We providing both regular group classes and private tutoring. Private tuition for corporate clients will be customized to the needs of the company, on an individual basis you will be able to learn what is necessary for your own business, instead of loosing time with unnecessary information.

We specifically design each course to provide the most personalized learning experience for individual learners. We anything other than entirely focused on providing this level of personalized learning experience.