Safari Kid International Pre School

Safari Kid International Pre School

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    Chi Fu Landmark

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    Hong Kong

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Every child is unique and has a different learning curve; we customize our curriculum to fit their individual needs.

The first five years of a child’s life lay the foundation for his or her future. Neurological research in the last decade has emphatically concluded that the human brain is at its most malleable in the first six years, and skills learned and developed in these years enable further learning. At the same time, areas of the brain not stimulated in the first five years lose the ability to make new connections,

The Safari Kid Method for early childhood development is based on the foundation that:

* Children have an immense capacity for learning. In the right learning environment, combined with the right teaching methods, core cognitive, social, physical, emotional and creative abilities of children develop, accelerate and strengthen.

* The right early childhood education fosters a lifelong love for learning, exploring, creating, imagining and stretching the boundaries of what is possible.

* All-around development of the child is essential and all the needs for such a development are met at our each of our centers

* At Safari Kid we have developed a program that integrates the latest research on effective early childhood education with our own experience with children over the last eight years. The Safari Kid program is unique in its proven experience of accelerated all-around development of the child.

Safari Kid International (Pok Fu Lam)

L101 Chi Fu Landmark, Chi Fu Fa Yuen Pok Fu Lam, Hong Kong,
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+852 2177 0001