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Unit 4A,Spa Centre,53-55 Lockhart Road,Wan Chai,Hong Kong

Artist Statement “Humans create art, art nurtures mankind”. I have been searching through daily life and by traveling the world to deepen my understanding of humanity and the wide spectrum of cultural phenomena of the world. As a dedicated artist who embraces the ever changing world with a positive attitude and a creative mind, I am determined to explore and discover new forms of paintings with innovative techniques and original forms of composition. My artworks are mostly reflecting the human feelings and emotions, rendering from lives that they lead that shapes and forms their physics, minds and souls, which as well have been shaped and influenced by the energy and mass floating in the universe. Life Drawing in Wan Chai, Hong Kong The non-teaching life drawing sessions in Wan Chai has started since 26 September 2006, and it would continue running on a weekly base. The workshop has participants from local and international communities of Hong Kong and the world. Time: 7.30 – 9.30pm, every Tuesday night; Venue: HKpainter Studio (above the Carnegies Bar in Wan Chai), 4A Spa Centre , 53-55 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, HK Equipment and materials for drawing: self supply. Teaching: no teaching is provided, total self practice. Fee: HKD$75 per hour, minimum HKD$150 per session for two hours, extract hours to be negotiated with the model. Participation notice: please send e-mail to, or, for enquiries and details about the sessions. Limitation: maximum 20 people per session. Please give us a call, and you’re welcome to come for a trial session.