Michael Andrew Law's School

Michael Andrew Law's School

  • Address

    Flat 3D Room 001

    Fortress Garden Fu Kar Court,

    32 Fortress Hill Rd,

    North Point

    Hong Kong

  • Phone 85264447550
We offer Part Time Painting Course with individual teaching in a group setting class, mostly between 4 to 6 people per session.

The instructor Michael Andrew Law Cheuk Yui arranges the materials according to the subjects that you interested. The advantage of this Part Time Classes is that the class time is more flexible, and you can also flexibly choose the topics that fits your taste and preferences. Each 60 minutes class time is from $135* (Depends on the plan you chosen), each person can be assigned 10 to 15 minutes of individual demonstrations/suggestions or corrections by Michael Andrew Law.

All Classes are in Cantonese &/or English.