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I'm a 28-year-old photographer from the UK. I graduated with a degree in Architecture from the University of Portsmouth in 2012. In 2014, I booked a one-way flight to Asia in the search of turning my life upside down.

I went on to work in architecture for two years here in Hong Kong. Eventually, I decided that my passion really lied with photos and not architecture. I quit my architecture job to pursue my passion in photography fully.

In order to survive in one of the world's most expensive cities, I taught myself how to shoot almost every type of photography - just so I could keep a roof over my head and put food on my plate. I taught myself everything from cityscapes to portraits, food to interiors, drone work to videography.

I have now been a photographer in Hong Kong for 4 years and have worked on everything from the smallest niche events to all of the biggest events that the city has to offer such as Clockenflap and Rugby 7’s. My versatility in my work has made me sought after by the biggest brand names and clients within Hong Kong and in Asia. I have now shot over 1000 events in Hong Kong and overseas. I combine a variety of experiences skills to put together my photography style, whether its aerial work, fashion, video, products, food, portraits, landscapes, architecture, corporate, nightclubs, art, sports or festivals, I’ll bring in a whole range of experiences when I shoot any event.